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PPSC Commerce Lecturer online test preparation from Past Papers

PPSC Commerce Lecturer online test preparation from Past Papers & Solved MCQs are here. The Syllabus & other instructions for PPSC Lecturer entry test preparation. There are all important questions that may asked in Commerce Entry test. So, read that post carefully & follow the all instructions. We have collected that questions from Commerce text books, PPSC commerce lecturer past papers & from other entry test books. These online test preparation included on 50 important MCQs, If you solve that and get good score. Then you can easily pass the final PPSC entry test or any other test. These VIP questions may also your help during the interview.PPSC Commerce Lecturer Past Paper Solved MCQs

PPSC Commerce Lecturer Test Preparation | Important MCQs | PPSC Past Papers

Before going to solve the online entry test & past papers, first we introduce you about the PPSC Commerce Lecturer jobs Details, that announced in 2020.

PPSC Commerce Lecturer Jobs 2020 Details

Total Vacancies: 45 (For males 30 & For females 15)

Qualification: M.COM, MBA, B.Com Hons or any commerce related 16 years educational degree from HEC recognized Universities.

Age Limit: 21-28 years for males & females. General age relaxation will given 5 years to males & 8 years to females.

Last Date: The deadline / closing date for apply in PPSC Commerce Lecturer jobs is 06th September 2020.

Click for view Full PPSC Lecture jobs Details

PPSC Commerce Lecturer Online MCQs Test Preparation

Now, you can check you current positions of knowledge about commerce subject by solve the given entry test. That entry have the MCQs from Tesxt Books, Past Paper & from helping entry test books. So, to solve these 50 important commerce questions click on “Start” button.


Commerce Entry Test

There are all Commerce subject related important questions. That we collected from Text Books & Past Papers.

Selling bonds is a way to ___?

Shares of a public company are usually traded on a __?

A contract comprises of __?

Real Accounts are related to __?

The amount of money in the account of account holder is called __?

The State Bank Of Pakistan was inaugurated by __?

Which of the following in an offer __?

Consideration must move from __?

Ground-Rent is an income from __?

A person shall be resident if he spends following days in Pakistan __?

What is the average beta of all stocks in a market __ ?

The central role of markets is to determine the __?

The arithmetic mean of all possible outcomes is known as __?

What is the average of 3%, 7%, 10%, and 16% ?

Largest sector of Pakistan economy is __?

Which one is per capita income __?

Literacy rate in Pakistan is __?

This step will increase per capita income in Pakistan __?

The bank established for loans to very small enterprises is called __?

Amount, cash or other assets removed by the business owner is called __?

Unpaid & unrecorded expenses are called __?

Books of original entry are called__?

National Bank of Pakistan is __?

Cash cannot be obtained from bank against __?

Four important cannons of taxation are given by __?

Latest Amnesty Scheme announced in __?

On it August 1947, Pakistan Government adopted the Income Tax Act __?

A cheque which can only be en-cashed on some future date is called __?

Those steps , which are taken by the central bank to managing & control the supply of credit in economy are called __?

The place where shares are purchased and sold is called __?

When movable assets are used for getting loan is called __?

The direct exchange of goods with goods without use of money is called __?

The continues rise in price is known as __?

These loans are obtained from financial institutions against the security of immovable property like land or building is called ___?

For commercial bank, the cash which is necessary to keep in Central Bank is called __?

Transactions having the long term effect are know as __?

Errors usually occurs in the books of accounts are broadly divided into __?

The process of totaling the transactions at the end of the period is called __?

The balance of a petty cash book is __?

The equity of the owner is called __?

The accounting equation is __?

A transaction is possible , when these will be __?

Summarized record of transaction relating to a person or things is called __?

Events which are related with money are called __?

Net income or net profit is equal to __?

The owner of the business is called __?

Any activity is undertaken for the purpose of earning is called the __?

When Cash is paid or received as result of an exchange, the transaction is said to be a __?

Accounting is often referred to as the language of the business __?

Every Transaction has __?

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